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Τhe complete range of the new Browning Β725 is now available in Sporting 28", 30" and 32". For the more serious shooter the new B725 Sporting TF version is available in 28" and 30". The B725 Hunter is available in 28".

To complete the Miroku range the New MK70 Universal available in 28" and 30". An all around gun the new MK70 Universal is a gun that combines hunting with clay shooting.

See the complete 2012 range of Browning Miroku and Winchester guns at our premises.


The new B725 Hunter is here.

With Browning quality and guarantee, Vector Pro, Invector Plus DS Choke technology the all new B725 is today's revolutionary Hunting gun.

Available in 71cm this is a gun you must see.


The all new Browing B725 Sporter 28" has arrived. Sporter 30" and Hunter28" versions of the model are expected in April 2012.

The new Vector Pro system combined with the Back Bore and all new Invector DS choke systems give you higher shot speeds, improved pattern and reduced recoil.

The lowered action frame profile reduces muzzle flip enables faster aiming and quicker and more accurate instictive shooting.

As of early 2010 all Browning and Miroku o/u shotguns including hunting models are manufactured with the new back bored system which incorporates the new longer forcing cone. This reduces friction between the shot and the barrel, resulting in the increase of shot velocity - reduced recoil and improved shot pattern. Click for details.

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